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Monday I start my dream job, largely thanks to LingQ!

July 2012

Hey everybody, I wanted to post a message in the forum about the positive effect it has had on my life. On Monday I start what I think can pretty accurately be described as my dream job. I am a software engineer by profession, but I always wanted to be able to mix my skill at engineering with my passion for learning languages, Italian in particular. Recently I had the opportunity to get involved with a company out of Italy which programs robots to do warehouse automation. They felt that my engineering skill set fit well with their job requirements and they definitely like the fact that I speak Italian (largely thanks to LingQ), have a degree of professional working capacity in Spanish (entirely thanks to LingQ), and am willing to learn other European languages as well. The job includes frequent travel to Italy (which is a great opportunity for me) and daily involment Italian speakers with whom I will be working.

I am excited about this new adventure, and at least I can say I had a job interview in a foreign language and did well enough to get hired; something 3 years ago I would have never though possible.

Thanks again LingQ!