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Married people and language learning

December 2010

Not sure if this was discussed before But I'm interested in how everyone deals with it.

Soo the question is, How do you married people try to learn languages while balancing everything else ie: Work, spending time with wife/husband , chores , kids ( if you have them ) ect.. ect..

Me , I havent been able to find a schedule that works for me. I'm in my mid 20's , I'm married We have no kids and i can barely find anytime to do real studying. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a very busy person per say, I dont spend alot of time watching tv , I barely see friends ( maybe once a month) , I dont party ect.. ect.. you get the idea...

My typical day is usually me waking up , taking a shower , breakfast, doing morning chores ect. Then I work 8-12 hours a day ( depending on how much work i have) Then i spend time with my wife by the time I'm done everything Its time to shower and time to go to bed.

The problem I'm having is that I already spend 8-12 hours on a computer a day. My wife doesnt like it if i spend anymore time on any gadgets while im not working. Sooo this means no lingqing or no listening to mp3 lessons. I means Its totally understandable and I agree. I spend a LARGE amount of time on the computer away from my wife and When im done working I should give her my full attention a few hours by talking to her and spending time with her and doing something thats not selfish at alll. My lingq study is sporadic at best , I usually only have the time to study if shes out with friends or if shes taking a nap. From what I've read, I know steve listens as much as possible like while doing errands , doing the dishes , when driving ect... Unfortunately I cannot do the same HEHE... Main reason is I work at home and my wife is at home all day aswell. When we do dishes we do them together and talk to each other and when we go out we usually go out together soo its not like i can put an ipod and ignore my wife when we do things together =p. I sometimes try to listen to audio while I work during the 8-12 hours but mostly I can because I need to do important phone calls, meetings , and other tasks that need my undivided attention.

Please don't take this as a Rant or me complaining. I love my wife and my life haha. I just wish I had a little bit more time to do some real studying without ignoring my wife in the process.

I'm not looking for suggestions .. I'm just wondering how others who are married are able to learn languages while dealing with everything else =p.

Looking forward to some responses.


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