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Many people or a lot of people

April 2019

Yesterday I watched Steve’s language workout and to my surprise he used “many people” instead of a lot of people I wonder which one is correct.

Time stamp: 22.50-22.56

The main reason I ask is because I have a family friend (native Finnish speaking) who is in his mid-30’s. He’s English is good enough to get by but he does speak it in a sort of broken way, acing to what Steve have said about people making the same mistake over and over again.

In any case he says most of the time many people where you would use a lot of people or something else. This has led me to become extra sensitive to the phrase many people in the sense that I try to be extra careful when to use it, as it clearly sticks out to me.

So, my question is would this be the correct use of many people or is it a mistake that has become so common that it is starting to become acceptable.


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