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Looking for advanced language learning tips

Thursday at 15:09

Hey guys I am sitting at a relatively advanced level in German and Spanish and am looking for advice on how to perfect my accent, improve my writing etc.

German I have been studying for 1 year and 4 months now (but for the last 3 months I've been focusing on Spanish). Spanish I have been learning about 3 months and am currently in Colombia, so I have picked it up pretty quickly. Obviously I just need time with the languages and lots of input but here is a basic idea of my routine:

I use remnote (like anki) to memorise grammatical concepts and occasional phrases that I need

I read books and transcripts on lingQ (with an audibook or the netflix playing.

I have grammar books to refer to

I intend on doing more grammar activites online (let me know if you can recommend me any)

I talk with my friends in Colombia and also online with Germans and Spanish speakers

I am wanting to start developing a spanish accent (from Spain) so I will probably try and shadow series and watch linguistic analyses.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated on my language journey :)


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