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LingQ Stands with Ukraine; Free Ukrainian for All

March 2022


Some of you may have already noticed that we have added the Ukrainian flag inside the LingQ logo on the web app. This is to show our solidarity with the brave people of Ukraine who are currently suffering and defending themselves from this appalling and unprovoked attack by Russia.

Therefore, we have contributed money to Razom [https://razomforukraine.org](https://razomforukraine.org/), a Ukrainian aid organization, to help wherever it’s possible. We are also making learning Ukrainian free of charge on LingQ for all, anywhere in the world, who want to learn Ukrainian, for an indefinite period. Ukrainian will no longer require Premium membership to enable full functionality. As well, all Ukrainian refugees who need to learn the languages of their new host countries should reach out to us for free Premium access to LingQ.

We wish we could do more. Multiple members of our team at LingQ are Ukrainian along with many members of our community. Our thoughts and hopes are with all of you at this horrifying time. We will continue to do whatever we can do to help you and the people of Ukraine.