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Latest news on Icelandic, Faroese and Greenlandic

December 22 at 23:36


1) Icelandic

As many of you know, the 60 mini-stories have been completed and Icelandic will be added to LingQ after Version 5.0 has been released. The main thing would be to get more Icelandic material into LingQ once it has been released. I will add some which I´ll read myself, but I really hope LingQ users will be willing to help so we can get that critical mass to make Icelandic really viable and interesting to learn here, for users of all levels. Fortunately, I have found a site with open audio books (text and sound), which we can hopefully all work together on getting into LingQ:

2) Faroese

Work is in progress on the 60 mini-stories there, because luckily I found a good leader for the project who has his students in Faroese translate them as homework and then he corrects their translations. They have partially or fully translated 48 of the stories, but many need to be corrected. We do not know when the recording will start. Another uncertainty is the audio translations. Faroese is not available in Google Translate for example. We will look into what options are out there (I did hear something about there perhaps being a company having made a Faroese speech synthesizer, which needs investigating) but Faroese may end up being added without that feature. It is very hard to estimate when it will be ready on LingQ. We expect the Faroese team to finish it sometime next year and LingQ 5.0 will probably have been published before that, but then Icelandic, if it hadn´t been added already, would be ahead of it in the line - possibly along with some other languages.

3) Greenlandic

Greenlandic is actually 3 languages, West, East and North, of which West-Greenlandic is spoken by the most people by far. It is still a very "small" language, spoken by even fewer people than Faroese. I did reach out to a few select people in Nuuk, such as language teachers and representatives of cultural institutions, as well as Greenlandic diplomats in Reykjavik, about getting West-Greenlandic into LingQ. I am not overly optimistic about this, sadly enough, since a large part of them did not reply. The ones who did and said it was a good idea, do not really have the means to do anything, except try to push the idea again with the ones who didn´t reply to me yet. It´s something that I don´t think I´ll pursue much, since it´s a bit out of my reach and I feel I can be of more use adding Icelandic material. A bit sad since this language is in a much greater danger of dying out than either Icelandic or Faroese and adding it to LingQ would be a powerful move to help people with the possibility of learning it. If any of you know Greenlanders, it certainly can´t hurt to make them aware of this possibility.


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