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Korean particles

June 28 at 01:47

I am having a ton of trouble with the particles in Korean because I can identify the word with popular translations but I don't understand why they are just adding some of these particles. Is there a place to look up all the particles somewhere in order to learn words and then how and what to attach which particles to the words? Is there a place to look up the word with the particles stripped in order to see the base word?

What is the best way for somebody that is fresh to Korean to learn vocab with and without the particles when they are encountered. The dictionaries really hate politeness levels/particles/ and subject-less verbs like Korean has.

makes it a very difficult task. I am just wondering what the best way to use Lingq as an absolute beginner and the best way to tackle an agglunative language such as Korean from scratch. With the number of particles in Korean it's hard to get a grasp on the language. Thanks advance for the advice!


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