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July Super Challenge Spanish

July 07 at 14:12

I am still working through LingQ and spending a lot of time working on my L2 (Spanish) daily. I am starting to feel like I have a great rhythm with my learning and I am still balancing my work and home life.

I just spent a week in Mexico and feel my ability to communicate has drastically improved. During the next 6 months I am going to continue with a high input of tv series from Nextflix. The ability to import the transcripts has made a huge difference in my comprehension of the what I watch. I am adding a few songs that are popular with my students so that I can follow along in class better and practice singing with them. My singing is not great so they might choose to do their work :)

It has taken me a few months to carve out not only the time that I need for learning my L2, but collecting the best resources for me is exhausting. I enjoy reading the National Geographic for Kids and many of the magazines focus on sea life, so they align well with my personal interests.

For those that are wondering why I am working so intensely. I have put together a L2 program for myself that mimics how I teach my students. My students and I created smart goals in February and one of my goals was to learn Spanish. One of my high achieving students suggested that I follow the same rigorous program that I created for them. She wanted me to feel the struggles that they went through with learning a new language at the pace that I teach.

I read daily and use LingQ during all of my spare time and only read, listen, or watch content in my target area. I have added Beeboop into my learning program and that represents the 2 hours (25 minute blocks, 4 times a day) of listening and speaking that I require of my students. The other 2 hours of studying that I require from my students comes in the form of story learning, flash cards, and actively watching and reviewing video content.

This is my Smart Goal that I created with my class.

I want to be able to listen, speak, and read Spanish at the B1 Common European Level by December 2021 because I want to keep improving at a pace that will allow me to speak with my students parents. I will accomplish this goal by studying Spanish 4 hours a day.

I would love to know what others are doing to meet or exceed their language goals for JULY!


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