Is there a way to turn off streaks on Lingq?

Neilkenlang gb United Kingdom

Hi all. I'm really enjoying using Lingq and finding it an excellent resource to improve my languages, however I find the notion of streaks kinda annoying. Is there any way I can turn off these streaks/streak notifications? I'm not really interested in streaks or rigid spaced repetition - I'm more relaxed about my language learning than that (although I'm still committed and still take it seriously).


June 13 at 07:59
  • gregf fr France

    Sign me up.

    June 13 at 14:53
  • SaibotKirf de Germany

    Settings -> Notifications and then uncheck everything you don't want.

    Streak reminder is on the very bottom of the page.



    June 13 at 16:19
  • ianholmes gb United Kingdom

    You can't turn off streaks but you can turn off notifications in the settings.

    Love streaks, hate notifications.

    June 13 at 19:35