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Indonesian Mini Stories Voice has strange accent

October 03 at 10:02

Hello I’m new to LingQ since 2 days and I try it out to fresh up my 2nd mother tongue Indonesian. I quite enjoy the mini stories, even they are written in a bit to formal language but what perplexes me the most is the pronunciation of the narrator. She has a very strong dialect accent that i can just describe as Malaysian because she misses the very crucial rolling R-sound, her R is more like a flat, throat sound like in German (I should know, I’m half German/Indonesian). Of course Indonesia is one of the linguistically most diverse countries in the world but the rolling R-sound is a feature of the standard pronunciation of Indonesian, it gives newcomers to the language a very wrong “impression” of how standard Indonesian sounds like.

On a 2nd note, sound quality was lacking and the mic sounded covered for the half of the 2nd mini story.