Imported Youtube Lectures

HeIsOnly de Germany

I have problem with youtube imported lecture. After I imported any lecture, when I come across the unknown word I click it and videos disappeared because the meaning of word appear the position of the video. So far everything is normal. But when you want to continue to video there is no easy way to go. I mean a shortcut or hotkey. You should need to use mouse click. Because I use generally keyboard to make status of words and for changing the page.




So please can you add a hotkey to continue video easily it

August 30 at 01:22
  • HeIsOnly de Germany

    why nobody answer ?

    September 10 at 09:08
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    If you want to follow a video too while going through a text, I suggest you to do that in sentence mode. In sentence mode video will appear above the sentence on the left and you will be able to simple press play and continue the video after it pause when you select a word.

    September 10 at 13:18