I'm learning Russian, any websites where I can find good materials?

Phelipe_Souza br Brazil

November 30 at 00:17
  • ilikka gb United Kingdom

    Russians love it when everyone speaks their language. There are many channels and video tutorials with learning. You can still see Russian resources (sites and forums or channels on YouTube)

    December 02 at 12:28
  • Mpampalitsas de Germany

    Netflix has a lot of shows with Russian audio/subtitles. I personally like Trotzki (Historical) and Bojack horseman (if you like the sense of Humor)

    December 03 at 11:39
  • Zelmeister sk Slovakia

    There's a chance that there is newscast produced by your local television/radio provider in different languages including Russian. You can read and listen about what's new in your native country while learning Russian. I find this very useful because it's relatable and thus interesting, and at the sime time I believe it increases conprehensible input because many terms like names of poeple and places are already familiar to you.

    December 03 at 11:43
  • MarkE us United States

    If you are interested in Christian material, Our Daily Bread has daily devotions every day of the year with Audio. https://russian-odb.org

    December 03 at 21:54
  • alexilebert fr France

    The channel Comprehensible Russian on Youtube ! You can even download the exact transcripts on her website ! Gold !!

    Thursday at 17:22