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I'm Conversational in Japanese Thanks to LingQ

October 14 at 21:14

I haven't really shared much about my progress lately but would like to say that I'm now able to converse (and read) in Japanese.

Thanks to LingQ.

I can: Talk with friends, tutors, about everyday life. If I read a news article on NHK Easy, I usually try and discuss the same topic and voice my opinion, which can be difficult depending on the topic - but I still manage. Besides NHK Easy, I've been reading a lot of podcast transcripts. This hovers around the intermediate (N3) level I'm guessing. Passively, I watch dramas and YouTube videos.

Here's a very short walkthrough of my progress:

1) Month 1-3: Went through LingQ's guided course material and watched YouTube channels such as Japanese from Zero and JapanesePod101.

2) Month 3-24+: To be honest, it's been the same routine for a while now...import content I enjoy into LingQ and read/listen. That's it. I also started speaking with tutors around the 4 month mark.

Thankfully, Japanese has so much content that I'll never have trouble finding something I enjoy. Not too mention, there's a ton of content with audio and transcripts available. It's incredible really - I can't imagine learning this language prior to the Internet (like Steve did)!.

A few pieces of advice:

- Everyone has a different routine, find one that best suites you

- Set a schedule for the first few months until you've made it a habit. You'll start to automatically pick up a Japanese article without thinking about it once it's part of your routine.

- Mistakes are necessary.

- Your level of fluency is not a reflection of how smart you are, it's just a reflection of how much time you've spent. Anyone can learn a language, those who learn faster just put in more time.

As for me, I'd like to be a better writer in Japanese. As of now, my writing is brutal so I've been using the LingQ writing exchange and getting feedback. I really want to be able to watch dramas with ease - but I figure this is going to take another year...or two.

I used to care about my LingQ streak but in my opinion, the activity score (the color of your apple) is a better indication of one's progress.

Would be happy to hear how everyone else is doing.

P.S. here are a couple of helpful posts if you're learning Japanese:


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