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Icelandic 60 mini-stories are ready

November 21 at 16:11

They are now all available, both in text (word) and sound (mp3) in this folder right here:

I do not know when they, and thus Icelandic as a language, will be added to LingQ, since LingQ 5.0 will still be in the works before any languages will be added and it can take a while for languages to be added regardless of that - but LingQ now have the files, so it will be happening down the road. In the meantime, you can still use these files to learn Icelandic if you please.


This is me making a toast in Icelandic sheep dung smoked whisky to this project finally being finished. When this pandemic is over and things return to normal and I return to my job of guiding tours at the Eimverk distillery, I invite you to come on my tour and enjoy a tasting.

Thanks to my friend Katrín Mixa, who is much better at spelling and grammar than me, who helped me proofread the texts and read most of the parts narrated by women as well as to my daughter who you can also hear reading a bit of the final story.

UPDATE: Get the files from here:


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