Hungarian & Catalan

Nicholas93 gb United Kingdom

Hello everybody!

Do we have any more update on when we will have Hungarian and Catalan on the system? I know the guys are busy but I'm super excited to dive into both!

Thanks, Zoran. (and sorry to keep on moaning!) ;)

September 16 at 12:00
  • Swedishfinnpolymath fi Finland

    Hahaha I have been meaning to ask the same thing but I felt bad about moaning. Also how about Georgian I believe I read on a forum post that it should be ready for launch.

    September 16 at 12:42
    • Nicholas93 gb United Kingdom

      haha I couldn't resist any longer! I would like to have a browse at Georgian too, but I have been reading up on Hungarian history at the moment so I'm super motivated to start learning it. However, I want to transfer my Spanish into Catalan if possible too. I also want to learn Finnish but we don't have any mini-stories.... *cough cough* ;)

      September 16 at 13:50
      • Swedishfinnpolymath fi Finland

        Hmm do I want to write and record the mini stories for Finnish.

        but I could write them if someone else would take care of recording them.

        September 17 at 12:53
        • Nicholas93 gb United Kingdom

          hahaha! Maybe I could try to find someone to record them if you get the chance to translate them.. Just let me know if you have time and I'll get searching! :)

          September 17 at 13:18
          • Swedishfinnpolymath fi Finland

            I bet I can get them translated all by the end of the week.

            Someone reading this comment: No way, that is never going to happen.

            Challenge accepted !!!!!!

            September 17 at 16:49
            • Nicholas93 gb United Kingdom

              Awesome! Let me know when you have got the first 10 done or something. I'll ask around! Can't guarantee a time frame though! haha

              September 17 at 17:46
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    Haha, no worries! :D I hope we will have them up soon! Not only Hungarian and Catalan, Georgian is also ready to go.

    It's now on our development team to add them when they find some time in their schedule among other things. But will be soon, no worries! :)

    September 16 at 13:53
    • Nicholas93 gb United Kingdom

      Haha thanks again, mate.... I look forward to it. Have a good week all!

      September 16 at 16:26
    • Cassius90 de Germany

      Can users help to upload them?

      September 17 at 06:59