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How to learn a language you don't like?

February 10 at 15:26

Hi all.

The title is of course a bit of an exeageration. And I don't want to come off as rude.

But on the other hand I would very much like to know what you think would be a good way to tackle learning a language you're not particulier interested in but it is necessary for you to learn.

I strongly believe the number one factor for language learning is your motivation and time you put into a language.

My case is, I'm a Dane, who have moved to Sweden (most likely for life). Since I have landed a job here.

I've never particularly liked the sound of Swedish as it just sound like a wrong version of my mother tongue (no offense ment). However, now that I live here in Sweden I think I should learn the language. Though of course everyone insists on speaking English here it feels kind of awkward to do it. (They switch to English as soon as I try to say anything in Swedish/Danish).

I know that everyone says that Scandinavians understand each other. But that does not seem to be the case. :(

My issue is, I do not have that burning motivation for Swedish, which I got for other languages.

I try to do daily listening and reading in Swedish on LingQ and in books. But I zone out super fast.

I also end up "mentally pronouncing" the words as I would in Danish when reading the books outside of LingQ.

On top of that I haven't really been able to find content which is compelling for me in Swedish (I have Emil i Lönneberg). :)

So yeah, what would you do to learn a language, when the people switch to english, you zone out when listening, and read everything with the wrong pronunciation?


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