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How important is the right grammar for you?

Sunday at 13:16

So I was just really mother language is german but I have been learning English for almost 13 years in school. That’s why I would say that I am pretty confident about speaking English. But lately I was just wondering if native English speakers hear it when I am using the wrong grammar. For example when I am using ‘He walked through the door when I saw him’ instead of ’he was walking through the door when I saw him’. Because sometimes when I am listening to other germans talking, I notice some grammatical mistakes that I normally would not have heard if I wouldn’t have been curious about it in the first place...if you know what I mean. And it makes me a bit confused and insecure because I am currently studying business at Uni and am preparing for a semester in the UK. I just do not want to sound stupid. So it would be great if you could answer my question (and correct my mistakes).

Thank you in advance


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