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How can I practice verb conjugations in French?

July 17 at 20:44

I currently use reverso whenever I encounter a new verb or an existing form of a verb. First, I add the Infinitive definition in the notes and then the subject-conjugation in the main definition area.

As straightforward as this is, I'm finding it very easy to forget the subject relation and am constantly having to refer back to reverso and my definitions to remind myself, even when reading in context.

The site ;

which was mentioned in a thread a few years ago here on LingQ; is a great tool for practicing specific verb conjugations in context, however the example sentences are very limited, seemingly repeating the same ones over for a specific verb infinitive.

I am open to any practices/methods, software or other that I can use/do to practice this very large area of the language. My goal is to practice conjugating 1 verb at a time after my listening and reading sessions on LingQ to reinforce it. (seems logical, but might not be the best way?)

I feel it necessary to do this as I believe that the quality in which someone retains this kind of information is reinforced by the quantity in which it occurs.

Any ideas?



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