Has anyone used Viki Learn yet?

kylemw1 sg Singapore

It's a new language learning site from Viki that helps students learn Korean by watching K-Dramas. I like the clickable dual-subs and the quizzes. Has anyone tried out Viki Learn yet?

December 05 at 07:23
  • Administrator
    ericrobertz ca Canada

    Yes - it's a great.

    And guess what, we're looking to incorporate LingQ's import function with Viki ;) (Just to add, I've been importing Animelon's content into LingQ. Animelon is similar to Viki but for Japanese learners,).

    The benefit of having this content on LingQ is that you can use it on LingQ's mobile app (it's also much easier to read transcripts and listen to the audio on LingQ IMO - You get the clips feature too, which is the icing on the cake).

    Stay tuned, we hope to get it working soon.

    December 05 at 19:04
    • kylemw1 sg Singapore

      Cool! How does that import process work?

      December 07 at 02:33
    • kylemw1 sg Singapore

      I'm trying it out now for a video on learn.viki.com and it can't import... all I get is a "Log in to Viki" page

      December 07 at 03:10