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[Guide] Enable Text-To-Speech in Anki export on Android

November 20 at 19:00


I wanted to share how this is done. I'm very glad that Lingq offers the anki export feature at all but the audio is really important and this understandably not part of the lingq export. However on android we can utilize the android tts service by using the tts tags in anki.

When you have downloaded and imported the lingq.apkg you will see the deck in AnkiDroid.

1. first you need to change the note template to add the tts tag.

To do this press the 3-dots in the top right an then -> Manage note types -> (Press&Hold) LingQ Card Model V1 -> Edit cards

In the template for the front of the card it should say

<div class="term">{{term}}</div>

change this to this

<div class="term"><tts service="android" voice="ru">{{term}}</tts></div>

The "term" is now surrounded by a tts tag. The "voice" parameter needs to be set to the language code. In this case it is ru for russian. Change this to what you need (

2. Secondly you need to enable Text-To-Speech in ankidroid in general for this do the following.

Open the burger menu (3 dashes) -> Settings -> Advanced -> Check "Text to Speech"

After this you should hear the term when reviewing cards.


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