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*Greek* Youtube Content to Import

December 12 at 09:59

Hi all,

A few months ago I came across the Onassis Foundation who in their words: - "create the conditions, explore the ideas and trigger bold discussions that shape and shake society".

They cover a lot of current, often heavy topics with many of their videos providing Greek subtitles; note not all of their videos are in Greek, so you may have to click around; however, I've already imported:

9 Afrogreeks discuss: What does "I can't breathe" mean in Greece

From Digital Science Art to Digital Arts Science

S+T+Arts Programs and the 4th Industrial Revolution in Greece

Also, I've tried creating a course and sharing it although I'm unsure if it's appearing anywhere?

I see since the last time someone made a post like this much more members have shared content they found online. So please feel free to share what you've discovered below... for Greek obviously!

Το κανάλι:

Ευχαριστώ :)


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