German WhatsApp group - does it exist?

milenalazarevic rs Serbia

Hi, I'm searching someone to regularly chat in German, I'm a beginner but I have to try, I would like to join whatsapp group if there is one...

Thursday at 21:22
  • Moderator
    Yutaka jp Japan

    WhatsApp is not familiar to me. Is it more useful than Skype?

    It seems that WhatsApp is similar to LINE, which is very popular in Japan; for some reason I have never used LINE.

    I don't know if such tools are useful for learning languages.

    21 hours, 21 minutes ago
    • milenalazarevic rs Serbia

      It's an iOS/Android chat/voice/video calls kind of app, it's similar to Skype. I think Line is popular in China, personally I have not used it.

      17 hours, 54 minutes ago