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May 18 at 15:46

Just reached an important milestone - 50.000 known words in German.

Some thoughts:

1. There's no plateau (for passive vocabulary). My wordcount keeps rising, I do not see the flattening of the curve. Better yet: now I learn more words/month than 6 or 12 months ago. It gets easier along the way. I see people on the leaderboard with 70-100-200k known words and that gets me excited - there's so much more to learn and to read to get better! There's no plateau.

2. Two months ago I started to consume all audios/videos at 1.50-1.75x speed in all my languages to increase content density and to train comprehension. Today 1.00x is boring! Sometimes I go to 1.25x for complex topics, but 1.00x is too slow now.

3. Reread or collect breadcrumbs. Yes, skimming through familiar text to collect the known words among LingQs is a good practice, when you do not have the time for a proper reread.

4. German is too distant from Russian compared to Romance languages. I'm glad it's my 3rd foreign language. I would've never persevered, if it was my 2nd or 1st.

5. German is the language that gives me no goosebumps, even though I enjoy it. I just never felt that excitement that Italian or French provide. I enjoy the struggle, so to speak.

6. If you must choose between studying for 15 min/day or 2 hours on the weekend, chose 2 hours/day! Free time is everywhere: commute, chores, getting up earlier, eating... Nothing beats time, not talent, not super learning strategy.

7. I never do excercises. Maybe for this reason the number of unknown words (active LingQs) is 13.000 or about 1:4 to the known words.

8. I've read 2.000.000 words. This means that the ratio is 40:1 for the read/known words. Does anyone have any idea if for other languages the ratio is similar?

Looking forward to 60.000 words.



9. There's no need to work on an accent. It gets better by itself if you listen a lot, sometimes read outloud and speak with natives.


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