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Free automatic transcription

November 19 at 17:40

I found this service shared on Hacker News, and thought a few of you might find it useful: https://freesubtitles.ai/

It uses the open-source OpenAI Whisper speech recognition model to generate transcripts WITH punctuation.

I tested it with 2 of the French mini-stories: #1 and #58. For mini-story #1, it was essentially 100% accurate down to the punctuation. For mini-story #58, it made several errors ("du restaurant" instead of "au restaurant", "les heurts-annemis" instead of "leurs amis", and several others).

I would estimate that it is ~95% accurate. Probably not accurate enough for publicly shared content (at least not without additional curation) but pretty good for personal use.

The Whisper github page gives a much more technical breakdown of the model: https://github.com/openai/whisper