Finnish mini stories and help with recording

Swedishfinnpolymath fi Finland

Edit: Regarding the matter of providing transcripts for the ones who record the mini stories. I'd suggest contacting Zoran, since he is the project manager for the mini stories. As of the 14.10 I have sent 51 of the mini stories I am not sure when I will send the last 9. It could take a week, it could take three but I will be done.


Since there has been a lot of people taking up their time to help add languages to lingq, many of which I might study. I have decided help out the language learning community with the Finnish ones. I can translate all the 60 mini stories I should have the first batch of 20 ready later today. I think the way I going to do it is translate them in batches of 20, go through them and send them to Zoran.

He can then send them to those who have the ability and know how to record. As far as I know there is already one member who has agreed to ask around. I don't have the knowledge or equipment to record these stories so that will be up to others but I think this is a big step forward for the mini stories project.

September 18 at 03:07
  • DocT us United States

    Thanks for your help.

    September 18 at 03:16
  • Huan_juan us United States

    Highly appreciated, looking forward to see Finnish mini stories.

    September 18 at 04:52
  • WinterShaker gb United Kingdom

    I vote for this :-)

    Not that Finnish is currently my priority, but I will certainly be coming back to it.

    I know a few Finnish speakers here in the UK; maybe I can see if I can get someone interested in doing the talking.

    Though as a general shout-out, if any Finnish speakers are located somewhere reasonably central in Scotland, I have decent recording equipment that I could bring to you.

    September 18 at 10:12
  • KRBanerjee in India

    Just out of curiosity, how did you start with translating the mini-stories? Are they send to you from LingQ, or are you basing it off ones you've read on the site?

    September 18 at 10:22
    • Swedishfinnpolymath fi Finland

      As I am a lingq member I just look them up on the site and use a type of split screen technique On one side I have the text and on the other side (half computer screen) a word document titled "Finnish mini stories". In some cases the translator is a friend/college/associate/etc, of the lingq member and in that case it is best to ask Zoran (lingq admin/mini project leader) to send them through email.

      September 18 at 11:15
  • Nicholas93 gb United Kingdom

    I've been asking around already. I'll keep you posted if I find a willing volunteer! Kiitos :D

    September 18 at 12:09
  • Swedishfinnpolymath fi Finland

    The first 20 mini stories are delivered, I will most likely send the next batch (21-40) sometimes next week and the last batch (41-60) after the week after the second.

    September 19 at 02:29
    • DocT us United States

      Finnish is already in beta. There is actually quite a bit of content for Finnish on Lingq, without the mini stories. I didn’t know it was possible to add content before the mini stories. Well, now I know.

      I hope people start submitting and/or uploading content for Hungarian., as I patiently wait.

      September 19 at 03:15
      • WinterShaker gb United Kingdom

        As I understand it, it isn't possible to add content for new languages without the mini-stories, but Finnish was already on the site before they created the mini-stories and brought in that rule.

        September 19 at 08:16
        • DocT us United States

          Oh, that would explain it.

          Thanks for letting me know.

          September 19 at 14:45
      • Swedishfinnpolymath fi Finland

        Yeah, I'd like to add to WinterShaker's comment that while there might be much content the Mini Stories do add value. First of all some people really like them and as I have gone through them I have noticed that they do really go through a lot of important grammatical features.

        September 19 at 11:34
        • DocT us United States

          Yes, I too know the value of the mini-stories, as I am currently using them for Russian. That’s why I have someone translating and recording the Hungarian mini-stories. I am hoping to have other languages translated and recorded also.

          Yes, they do make internalizing grammar points much easier. Besides, it is nice to see progress as I advance through the stories.

          September 19 at 14:58
          • Cassius90 de Germany

            As far as I am aware, Hungarian, Catalan and Georgian are ready to be uploaded. But sounds good.

            September 24 at 12:27
          • onkkos br Brazil

            Where did you order translation and recording? I really wanted to know and use to add Luxembourgish to LingQ, but it is like 0.05 euro per/word just for translate generally ...

            September 24 at 15:03
            • DocT us United States

              onkkos, I asked someone I know to translate and record the stories for me, as I am learning their native language.

              Of course, I made sure to tell them how the stories, their voice, hard work, etc. would be used.

              If you know someone who speaks, reads, and writes your target language and English, ask them to help you.

              I asked a friend about Hindi, however, he started attending "English School" when he was 11 years old. Now he speaks Hindi, but is unable to read and write it. I might ask him if his wife or another family member can or will help with the translations and recordings.

              It doesn't hurt to ask.

              September 25 at 03:23
  • johnnyG28 us United States

    Thank you!! I've been patiently waiting..

    September 19 at 15:48
  • gurkenwerfer us United States

    Thank you for this!!

    September 19 at 20:39
  • WinterShaker gb United Kingdom

    Just in case you do not get auto-notified about private messages, I sent you a message about recruiting a friend of mine to help with the recordings.

    September 20 at 13:27
  • Swedishfinnpolymath fi Finland

    Regarding the matter of providing transcripts for the ones who record the mini stories. I'd suggest contacting Zoran, since he is the project manager for the mini stories. I have already sent him the first 20 and will send the next batch of twenty stories by the end of next week (60 in one week is too ambitious).

    September 20 at 13:36
  • Swedishfinnpolymath fi Finland

    I reached the 40th story milestone on Friday night and around Saturday morning I am about to start with my 44th story. I am in a state where I can churn them out pretty quickly so while I don't want to give any exact time line, I try to get at least up to 50 stories by the end of the week.

    Hopefully I will get the rest done by the end of next week. Unlike the other promises "Finish all 60 stories in 4 days".

    If this is the first time you read this post and haven't read the OP, there is info regarding the recording part in the OP.

    October 11 at 17:28
  • kimojima us United States

    Thank you for translating the LingQ mini stories to Suomi; I'm very much looking forward to this! When I think of what language I would like to learn next, this one keeps calling to me.

    October 12 at 14:41