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Finding interesting reading material

Tuesday at 23:36

This week I have been bored reading the usual stuff. generally I have been reading news articles, I have a few books on the go (switch between them when I need a change), and a few random stuff that I come across.

I have been finding materials that are interesting, but some of it isn't necessarily lingq appropriate. For example I love cooking and baking, and I have been importing some recipes, but I find recipes hard to stand in lingq because of formatting once its imported.

In hindsight the formatting of books and materials is starting to become more troublesome as I get further into the program, probably making it harder to keep my attention.

Any advice to get over it? I enjoy Lingq, and I still don't know enough yet to just pick up a book, but I have bought a large pastry for offline reading and a way to interact with the culture


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