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Faroe Islands - Faroese experiment

September 29 at 21:59


I am happy to announce I will soon be taking a week long vacation in the Faroe Islands, with the goal of learning more Faroese and recruiting people to help me get Faroese into LingQ.

For those who don't know me, I'm the one who got Icelandic added into LingQ. I'm also a polyglot and one of the more active LingQ users.

Since I am Icelandic and Faroese is the one language that is most related to Icelandic, there is a lot of common or similar vocabulary and grammar, but the pronunciation is very different. I have not had a great deal of time to study the language so far, having invested most of my language learning in French, Dutch, Norwegian and even some Spanish/Italian. So far I have read one whole novel in Faroese and listened quite a bit to their national news.

If there is anything difficult in Faroese for Icelanders it's two things 1) The different pronunciation, but for me this is not a difficult step, since it just requires listening and I am very much a mimic 2) The closeness of the languages actually makes it hard to remember the exact words, ironically. That is because they are so much like Icelandic words, you understand them, but it's like having to remember wrong spellings of you own words, if that makes sense.

My aim is to try to get everyone to speak Faroese to me and see if I can start to talk back (otherwise answer in Icelandic or Danish which should work).

My other aim is to get more Faroese people to help me both get Faroese into LingQ and subsequently add more material. I already have some people working on it, just need more of them. The Faroese are actually super friendly to Icelanders and I will even get to visit a couple of Faroese classes to introduce them to the program and the project.

I hope this all goes well and I will post an update to how much I learned and how it all went. I really hope I will succeed in getting Faroese into LingQ within a year or so if not sooner.