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Extensive reading in LingQ. Do you look up every word?

June 03 at 14:40

Title says it all. I want to move to more extensive reading now that I'm getting better at German. I play around with this outside of LingQ and really like it. I've gotten over that problem of wanting to understand every sentence and look up every unknown word but it would be nice to do this using lingq because it would track the words I've read, it's easier to look up phrases and words when I do want to and many other reasons.

The problem is, if you don't look up a word and create a lingq, it'll assume you know it and create a very faulty known word count over time. What do people do?

P.S. It would be interesting if there was a toggle whereby you can read through uploaded books but the blue words don't get added to known words when you change page. They remain blue so that you can skim read things using the site. What are peoples thoughts on this?