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Do you think Audiobooks (without text) are really Effective?

June 26 at 09:45

Just for clarifying, I listen to audiobooks on a daily basis.

I’m talking about here when we listen to audiobooks doing other activities, like driving, running, walking and so on. (so without text or we don’t even have the text for later review)

We know that our mind doesn’t put all the attention into listening because our attention is shattered doing other things. And we also know that our brain is wandering around. So the real attention is a lot lower that what we might think.

So, I’m trying to understand if listening to audiobooks is really effective somehow on language learning or if it’s just our illusion about it.

This has nothing to do about enjoying the story of the audiobook itself.

For example, if I don’t recognize a word while listening, I can’t do anything about it because often I’m not even sure about the spelling to search for it and I’ll forget anyway.

If the audiobook is not really really engaging I will probably lose the most of it.

Sometimes though, I can recognize a word that I previously learnt before and that’s reinforcing the language. But it’s a lot more rare compared to the hours of listening I do.

What do you think about it? What kind of insights could you share to better use that time used for this activity?


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