Do you guys always exceed the daily goals?

Tomroynon gb United Kingdom

Are there anybody who try and double their daily statistics? For example, doing 200 LingQs instead of 100. How far do you guys push yourselves on here?

August 12 at 15:54
  • Oceano gb United Kingdom

    I sometimes double it then miss a few days because im just doing vocabulary and then have one day when I 10x it

    August 12 at 22:08
    • marcossfernandes br Brazil

      How many hours a day are you reading?

      August 14 at 16:48
  • Uwek us United States

    For me, I often try to double them. On good days, I do 200 LingQs and read a couple thousands (or even ten thousands) of words. Although for me, I often find it hard to find time to use LingQ because of how occupied my schedule can be. So on days where I'm busy, I often do the bare minimum.

    August 14 at 00:21
    • Tomroynon gb United Kingdom

      So when you come across a word that you can guess the meaning of, do you mark it as 'known'? Also, when you are reading such a massive amount, when you keep seeing the same words in different articles on the same day, do you mark the words from 4,3,2,1,known every time or do you keep it to 4 for the day and make it down once a day?

      August 14 at 09:09
      • Uwek us United States

        1. Yes. If I can figure out the word by context, I mark it as 'known'. I know some people who would count it as a LingQ but for me, if I know that newly encountered word definitively using context clues, then it's 'known'.

        2. I personally don't use the 3, 2, and 1 buttons. For me, the way I utilize the 4,3,2,1,known system is once I make a LingQ for the newly encountered word in one day, then when I encounter that same word the next day and know its meaning, I count it "known". If I don't know its meaning that next day, then I keep it as 4 until the next following day if I happen to know its meaning. There are times where words stay as '4' LingQs for a couple days or a week until I finally mark them as known.

        August 14 at 14:27
      • marcossfernandes br Brazil

        1. Yes

        2. I only upgrade a word once a day, no matter how many times I encounter it.

        August 14 at 16:46
  • phil602 cr Costa Rica

    I've only participated for about three weeks. I always hit my Lingqs goal. About half the time I double or almost triple it.

    August 14 at 04:20
  • jbfan88 us United States

    My lingq cgoals are listed as 13 new LingQs. why are yours so high?

    August 14 at 09:41
    • Tomroynon gb United Kingdom

      You can change the daily LingQs goal in the settings, 100 LingQs is the maximum setting.

      August 14 at 10:58