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Discussion about LingQ at HTLAL

April 2012

"Google alert" alerted me to the fact that there was a discussion about LingQ at HTLAL.

Most comments are critical of LingQ. People complain about the interface, the navigation, the way we count words, and complaints by one person who claims that I would not answer questions about LingQ.

The thread starts with a post by a member of LingQ who implies that a critical review of LingQ here would be censored.

Of course, some of these issues have been brought up and discussed here. We have improved the performance of the site over time, and are continuing to work on making it better.

The suggestion that I would not reply to questions is strange, since I think that I spend a lot of time here, and at youtube and on my blog answering questions on LingQ. As to censorship here, other than spammers, and unwanted links to other sites, and the occasional personal insults, we do not censor this forum.

I tried to register at HTLAL in order to comment on this thread. I filled their cumbersome personal profile, but was unable to register. I have an account there now, šveijk, but when I try to confirm my registration by clicking on the link that I got in an email from HTLAL, I get a message that they "approve registrations manually now" and I should get my spamming thrills elsewhere, or words to that effect. I am unable to log in. I don't know what to do. I guess I will just leave it.


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