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Christophe Clugston - the best polyglot

April 2012


Anyone know of this guy?

I find it odd that a guy who has preschool level french and thinks himself to be an authority on judging the quality of foreign languages for which he seems to only be able to speak English (somewhat decently).

I didn't want to post such a worthless thread, but I'm tired of reading people who constantly bag out others on their achievements. If you watch, he criticizes Steve Kaufmann on his French where himself only sounds like to know 1 or 2 random words on other videos with the thickest gringo accent one can imagine.

Anyway, though my opinion doesn't matter and who am I to judge since I barely speak a word or two of French; my thoughts on who is the best polyglot in order in of who I know and heard:

1. Richard Simcott

2. Luca

3. Steve Kaufmann

4. Felix - loki2504

5. Stu Jay

6. Vladimir

5. Amir

I didn't rank Benny or Lao shu because most of their languages are intermediate level on limited topics.

Anyway, the point of this thread is to ignore random unauthoritative and hypocritical people like Christophe Clugston. He is the first to quickly comment about others flaws when he makes the same himself. He hates Steve for over-extending the definition of linguist to mean polyglot and so like a child tries to sound all big and mighty by criticizing Steve on every thing and anything. He would probably say that Steve's dog doesn't bark as fluently as his own dog. I hope you get my drift.

I'm pretty sure no body cares about this thread nor him. So watch the video and maybe comment if you got the time.

I recall a video by Glossika who says that many people described his attempts to learn certain languages as offensive. I for one am pro encouragement. I put thousands of hours into French and still sound horrible and kindergarten level, though I will keep going irrespective of the negative comments and discouragement.

Time to ban this clown from my youtube account.