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ChatGPT for language learning

February 08 at 17:47

On the YouTube channel Français avec Pierre, I watched a video on things you can do with ChatGPT for supporting language learning, both as a learner and as an instructor. Pierre demonstrates several ideas.

Chat with ChatGPT in your target language. You can have ChatGPT use a specified language, language level (e.g. A2), and level of formality.

Have ChatGPT make corrections to text you write.

Generate text with ChatGPT. For instance, you can request topic, language level, grammar structures, vocabulary, tone, etc. You can use to practice specific points to work on. You can also do such as, "Write a 200-word text about the Vikings at level C1 demonstrating use of phrasal verbs." You can then use a text-to-speech tool such as Narakeet to convert to audio to use for listening comprehension. Teachers can also use the text generation capabilities to generate exercises, quizzes, and tests. For instance, try, "Generate a ten question multiple choice quiz on direct and indirect objects for common verbs." (In the video Pierre advises that ChatGPT can make mistakes so some of these features may be more for instructors than students...)

Here's the video (in intermediate French): https://youtu.be/4PqsztVcY8o

What else can you think of to do with ChatGPT for supporting language learning?

LingQ staff, what comes to mind for you for possible future innovations of your platform and other tools in the language learning space?

What LingQ has done for the internet's content is amazing. What do you think are the next frontiers for AI supporting language learning?