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September 2019

Since Catalan has reach the critical mass (40 mini-stories). I thought I’d repost these catalan resources from another post (that I made) named “Regional languages resources”. I am sure that you have your own sources but I thought I’d post it anyway. Hopefully this will coax lingq staff to add Catalan more swiftly (😂😂😂).

I have not tried this website but if it lives up to its description then it is the motherload of Catalan content. There is two options self-study and study with help of a tutor, the first one is completely free of charge while the other one requires a fee.

The interactive courses are divided into 4 levels each with 3 grades. Each grade corresponds to 45 hours of study.


Obviously, one will not find Catalan books as readily as Spanish ones but when I googled Catalan books on Amazon, I did find a potpourri of books that don’t look all that bad. Here is a list of authors whose books can be found on Amazon. The way I found these where by just typing authors name Catalan edition.

Donna leon

Is an American writer, her magnum opus is a detective series set in Venice.

Ken Follett

Welsh author, writes historical fiction books.

John le Carré

A former MI6 and MI5 agent, writes spy novels.

Political books

There are Carles Puidgmont’s la crisi catalana and Michelle Omaba la meva història.

Miscellaneous books

Here is a mixture of different books such as historically significant books, internationally acclaimed (and

well known) works, lesser known authors and other seemingly interesting books.

Diari d'Anna Frank

Of mice and men (Catalan Edition)

Història del FC Barcelona (Base Històrica Book 126) (Catalan Edition) (rather short thought, only 159 pages)

Plató. L'home i la seva obra

Escarabats (Catalan Edition) (Nesbo)

Desmuntant Societat Civil Catalana

La noia del tren (The Girl on the Train)

La rebel·lió dels animals

La terra maleïda

Una fuig, l’altra es queda

A book by Italian author Elena Ferrante. Allegedly Time magazine called Ferrante one of the 100 most influential people in 2016.


NOT a Conan Doyle book it seems to be a pastiche (sort of like fan fiction).

El cònsol de Barcelona

Won some sort of literary prize in 2019

Ensayo general de una revuelta: Las claves del proceso catalán

Nosaltres, els Valencians


For verb conjugation the best option is probably Verbix they illustrate all the tenses and moods in a very clear and precis manner.

Routledge grammar books are quite expensive but they seem to be very through.


Below are a few Catalan dictionaries.

TV streaming

TV3 is the primary television channel of Catalan public broadcaster Televisió de Catalunya. They have a lot of TV shows that are available for streaming. Unfortunately, some programs have a lot of Spanish in them. There is at least one series that has about 250 episodes (at the time of writing) called Com si fos ahir.

TV3 has also some episodes of their programms on YouTube if streaming is not an option for some reason.

RTVE is a state-owned TV station, they also have a pretty good amount of programming in Catalan.

Language learning books

On Amazon you can find the following books:

Colloquial Catalan

Teach Yourself Catalan

Catalán para dummies (in Spanish)

Learning Catalan on the go: beginners introduction

At the time of writing Colloquial and TY are ridiculously expensive and TY on kindle (it was 3.71 €, when I bought it) is not available. I am not that familiar with for Dummies but it is reasonably priced and it has the look inside function. Learning Catalan on the go is more of a tourist handbook with a bit more grammar than usual.

Duolingoal threads

Almost a book worth's of detailed articles on Catalan grammar

Interviews and current events on YouTube

Jordi Basté i Gerald Pique a Fora de Serie.

Pere Escobar I Xavi Hernandez al “fora de Serie”

Marc Gasol

1-O, cas obert

Entrevista president de la Generalitat - Quim Torra: "Veig la gent determinada i ho tornarem a fer"

La vida - Inés Arrimadas: "Sóc catalana d'elecció"


mediats i serioses


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