thomasoso us United States

Hi all,

The last post about the possibility of Catalán being added to LingQ was over five years ago. I am an avid user of the site and I would really love to be able to study it on here since I plan to move to that region of Spain sometime in the future.

Is there any effort to add it right now? And what would be needed?


March 03 at 02:15
  • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finland

    People who want language X are quite vocal, there haven't been any offers from people here in the lingq community as far as I can tell. However what I do know is that the way to get languages added is my supplying lingq with mini stories transcribed and with audio.

    There are 60 in total, from what I have read lingq requires all 60 lessons for a language to be added although I believe danish was added with something like 40. Still the main requirement is that there should be a significant amount of beginnner content.

    If a language reaches said requirement it will be added (as per my understanding) no matter how obscure or popular language it is.

    March 03 at 07:26
    • Pen ru Russian Federation

      I also think so

      March 03 at 11:28
    • thomasoso us United States

      How does one go about doing that?

      March 03 at 15:18
      • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finland

        The first step is to find a native who is willing to help you (friends, work colleague, etc.). However if you don’t have friends or acquaintances who speak Catalan, one thing is to ask around on for example Italki if there are anyone whiling to record and transcribed the mini stories and be okay with it being published on lingq for public use.

        I believe this is something Steve has done before with some languages (at least for private use), if you ask Steve on Ask Steve how he goes around doing this sort of stuff you might have a better change having him respond personally.

        In terms of how to get the mini stories in English or Spanish for the person to use for translating, your best bet would be contact lingq by email, mainly Zoran (support(at) as he is the coordinator for the mini stories project.

        March 03 at 16:39
        • thomasoso us United States

          Thank you! They take care of the dictionary, no?

          March 03 at 17:02
          • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finland

            Yep, that's right, also finding resources other than the mini stories should not be a problem as with some of the more recently added languages.

            I have played around with the idea of learning Catalan for a while and a few months ago when I did look I was pleasantly surprised by how much useful content there was in a relatively small language.

            I am sure that you already have your own sources that you use for learning the language, but nevertheless here is a link to a thread where I listed resources for lesser known languages (obviously Catalan one of them).

            There is probably more for Catalan and I have been meaning to post them separately in a Catalan resource thread which should give anyone who wants to learn ample of content to learn from.

            March 03 at 17:29
  • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finland

    Message redacted: what I wrote turned out to be false.

    March 12 at 13:25
    • WinterShaker gb United Kingdom

      As someone who helped coordinate the translators for the Bulgarian mini-stories (not a LingQ employee, just someone who wants to learn Bulgarian and happened to know a couple of native speakers willing to help), I can tell you that all 60 have in fact been translated and recorded; just not up on the site yet

      [Edit - gah! sorry; you are already aware of this; I just hadn't scrolled down to the bottom of the thread.]

      March 15 at 15:34
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        All 60 Bulgarian stories are now up on the site. Thanks again for your help! :)

        March 15 at 23:30
        • WinterShaker gb United Kingdom

          No problem. Next task is to buttonhole my Bulgarian-speaking friends into sitting down to record short unscripted chats, and get them transcribed, in the spirit of the Podcasts met Fasulye series which were very useful for me learning Dutch.

          March 17 at 00:20
  • opel65 es Spain

    Hi, I'm a native Catalan speaker learning French on LingQ.

    I'm also interested in the possibility of Catalan being added to LingQ so I'd have a direct access to Catalan dictionaries.

    I'm offering my time to transcribe and record the mini stories in my language on the condition that you make the inquiries about what is really required for a new language to be added and how the process works.

    March 12 at 15:11
    • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finland


      I have sent an email about your offer to ling support. There should probably be an answer within 24 hours.

      March 12 at 16:11
      • opel65 es Spain

        Let's wait and see.

        Before I start to transcribe the mini stories I want to be sure that there aren't any problems of compatibility in LingQ with Catalan.

        March 12 at 19:44
        • benscheelings nl Netherlands

          What kind of incompatibility could there be? Catalan is a language like any other language and should be available on LINGQ. If I were you, I'd begin right away!

          March 12 at 20:14
        • levmyshkin us United States

          Thank you so much for offering this. I know there are many other people out there like myself that would love to learn catalan and this would really help

          March 12 at 20:59
    • Administrator
      zoran rs Serbia

      Hi @opel65,

      Thanks a lot for your offer to help! Can you please contact me on zoran(at)lingq dot com and I will provide you detailed informations about the project? Thanks!

      March 13 at 22:31
  • minichats dz Algeria

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    The first step is to find a native who is willing to help you (friends, work colleague, etc.). However if you don’t have friends or acquaintances who speak Catalan, one thing is to ask around on for example Italki if there are anyone whiling to record and transcribed the mini stories and be okay with it being published on lingq for public use.

    March 12 at 18:05
  • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finland

    Sorry, guys, so as it turns out Bulgarian does have 60 mini stories they just haven't been all uploaded yet, I totally failed to take that into account, Mea Culpa.

    However, for anyone wondering the limit to get a language added is 40 mini stories transcribed and recorded. Zoran said he will contact the member of this thread in order to see if we can get Catalan on lingq.

    March 13 at 01:55
    • Administrator
      zoran rs Serbia

      All 60 Bulgarian stories are now up on the site.

      March 15 at 23:29
  • opel65 es Spain

    Hola a tothom!

    Hi everybody!

    I just want to say that I sent an e-mail to Zoran and I'm waiting for his reply.

    I already finished transcribing the seven first mini stories. I haven't done any recording but I'll do it soon.

    Hopefully more people show its interest in Catalan.

    March 15 at 20:55
    • Car2017 de Germany

      That's great to read! I learnt Catalan before and I'd love to learn it again.

      March 16 at 10:25
    • levmyshkin us United States

      @opel65 thanks so much! This will help so many people learn catalan

      March 16 at 12:06
  • thomasoso us United States

    Any update?

    March 22 at 00:35
    • levmyshkin us United States

      There are 60 mini stories I believe so it is probably going to take a while to get them all transcribed and recorded

      March 22 at 23:09
    • opel65 es Spain

      Hola a tothom,

      I'm working on it. I've already finished transcribing the first 20 mini stories, and I have planned to start the recordings next week.

      As soon as I have at least 40 mini stories translated and recorded they will start preparing the language for the Beta.

      Be patient and thank you for your interest.

      March 23 at 13:18
      • gurkenwerfer us United States

        I'm not even planning on learning Catalan soon but I'm so thankful that you're doing the mini stories for LingQ. How wonderful it'd be if natives of other languages would do that too :)

        March 23 at 21:02
      • levmyshkin us United States

        thanks again!!

        March 24 at 12:47
      • jolanda ch Switzerland

        Hola que tal? cuando podemos aprender Catalan con Lingq? Falta mucho?

        Hasta pronto! j;-)

        June 18 at 17:53
  • thomasoso us United States

    Hey, any update?!

    April 10 at 00:48
  • Sarka1 cz Czech Republic

    I am looking very much to mini stories in Catalan. Thank you so much for your work Opel65.

    April 10 at 11:18
  • opel65 es Spain

    Hola a tothom!

    I've been busy lately so I haven't had much time to work on the Mini Stories.

    I've already finished transcribing the first 40 ones, but I want to review them before I start the recordings.

    Your comments encourage me a lot. Thank you everybody.

    I just bought a new mic to improve the quality of the audio.

    This week I'm going to start the recordings so maybe in a couple of weeks the first 40 Mini Stories are ready to be sent to the LingQ team.

    I'll keep you informed!

    Gràcies a tots per interessar-vos en aprendre català.

    'Thank you everyone for your interest in learning Catalan,

    April 10 at 11:59
    • Sarka1 cz Czech Republic

      Thanks for the update!

      April 11 at 06:48
    • gurkenwerfer us United States

      Looking forward to it. Thanks for your dedication and for updating :)

      April 16 at 16:08
    • thomasoso us United States

      Hey, how's it going?

      April 17 at 23:23
      • opel65 es Spain

        Sorry. It's going to take me more time than I expected. I've been very busy this week.

        Hopefully I'll find some time for this project.

        Be patient!

        I'll keep you all informed.

        Thanks again.

        April 18 at 17:14
        • thomasoso us United States

          Any update?

          May 08 at 01:20
  • opel65 es Spain

    Hola a tothom,

    I just want to let you know that I've already finished the 20 first Mini Stories and sent them to Zoran.

    This work is more time consumer than I thought at the beginning, but my goal is to finish the first 40 Mini Stories by the end of this month.

    Thanks for all your support.


    May 14 at 09:31
    • levmyshkin us United States

      Thank you! We really appreciate you doing this.

      May 14 at 09:45
    • thomasoso us United States

      Thank you so much!!

      Zoran when do you think they’ll be up?

      May 14 at 12:04
      • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finland

        You might have more luck asking on this thread

        May 14 at 12:08
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        As soon as I get at least 20-25 more stories, we will add it to Beta.

        May 14 at 12:09
        • jolanda ch Switzerland

          good news! I’m soooooo happy to see it is going fin!

          May 14 at 21:26
        • jolanda ch Switzerland

          Is there a problem?

          June 01 at 14:17
        • jolanda ch Switzerland

          please send me the missing texts. I will try to find someone who can translate the texts. From Spanish to Catalan.


          July 01 at 08:18
          • Administrator
            zoran rs Serbia

            @jolanda I replied on your email, please take a look. :) Thanks!

            July 01 at 17:18
            • jolanda ch Switzerland



              I will speak with my friends! We beginn with 31-40.


              Maybe opel65 make 21-30? I don’t know.He didn’t answer my post.

              July 02 at 19:29
    • jolanda ch Switzerland

      Hola, que tal?

      Espero que todo vaya bien con las lecciones de catalán.

      Tengo Illusion de mejorar mi catalan.

      June 01 at 14:16
    • jolanda ch Switzerland


      Que tal con el catalan? Hay nuevas lecciones?

      Hasta pronto! j:-)

      June 02 at 07:01
  • Corin_Wright gb United Kingdom

    Hello! I'd also like to know of any updates regarding this as I would definitely use Catalan on a lingq as I am about to start studying a module on Catalan at University,

    In this thread I've seen that someone has kindly offered to produce the content needed to get Catalan into the beta stage of Lingq but beyond that the thread seems to have gone quiet. Has anyone got any updates of any sort on this?

    July 01 at 16:40