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Can't get started because of broken "automatically add words".

July 20 at 11:37

I’m so excited about this program, because it is such a great idea and is absolutely perfect for my language learning practice. It's literally everything that I've wanted in a language learning platform. Just subscribed today! The problem is, I can't get started. I've tried to start lessons multiple times, but I keep having to reset my progress because blue words keep getting added automatically to my vocabulary. Dozens of words.

I have not once clicked the "complete lesson" button.

I learned that I could change the reader setting to not automatically add blue words to vocabulary after "paging", but that box isn't working, so blue words are still being added to my vocabulary.

I'm studying Japanese, and due to some peculiarities of it's writing system, the reader doesn't always read things correctly(this has been with other readers from other websites as well). This means it is very important to me that my blue words stay blue, and that I only create LingQs for specific words and add specific words to my vocabulary.

Has anyone figured out the best way to deal with this issue? Like, is there a way to save lessons without completing them? Also, is LingQ going to fix the broken check-box for "Paging moves to known"?


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