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Best Combo of Anki and LingQ: ChatGPT

March 25 at 23:51

So if you just read random material you will not get enough repetitions to get past the intermediate gap without reading millions upon millions of words.

The old way around this was to read graded readers with a focus on specific vocabulary levels.

An alternative old way was to memorize isolated frequency words with anki.

There is an argument to be made (I believe this myself) that an ideal combination is to do anki plus lingQ because you're getting enough repetitions specifically targeted to those you need more work on plus you get lingQ exposure to language in it's whole form.

Unfortunately the two are not strongly correlated: you don't get lingQ focus on the words that you're having a hard time with in anki. Some suggest using sentences. I personally disagree with sentences for a couple reasons but I won't get into them. Regardless, even the sentences won't correlate with lingQ.

Others have suggested (likely correctly) that a stronger memory trace would be formed if you were able to learn the words you are targeting specifically if you encounter them in their natural form. i.e. in written or spoken material.

So what occurred to me a couple days ago is to specifically get chatGPT to write you some short stories with the words you are practising each day. So you therefore get not only the anki practice but you also get to see the words you're currently working on, in their native form.

So anyhow, I'm now doing that in addition to reading on lingQ. It's costing me about half an hour extra a day to generate some stories containing my today words and read them in lingQ.

Double whammy. If I'm right about this, I expect to level up solidly over the remaining three months of my current six month challenge.

Stay tuned...

EDIT: For pedants like my friend Peter (and I say that in the best possible way, not as a dig - Peter will keep you straight and coherent) - I'm talking about comprehension ONLY, not output. So intermediate -> advanced comprehension (reading/listening) shortcuts.