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Becoming an advanced reader

June 29 at 17:41

I'd like to hear your thoughts about how you became or are planning to become an advanced reader.

I'm about to hit 3 million words read, about one quarter of my way to my goal of 12 million. I plan on becoming an advanced reader, able to fluently read anything in my target language of French. I base my "12 million" goal on comments by linguist Stephen Krashen who says that research shows it takes about 1200 hours to become an advanced reader.

Currently, I read at about a rate of 10,000 words an hour. 10,000 x 1200 = 12 million. An arbitrary goal, but we all need something to aim at. It's the journey along the way that really matters.

For comparison, I can read my native English at 2.5 times the rate of French with better comprehension. I could read French faster, but I try to keep it at 10k words per hour so that I am sure I am understanding it correctly.

One day I hope to be as fluent at reading in French as I am in English. The speaking is important, but the reading even more so. How about you?


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