Android Playlist Question

KnowItSome us United States

Is there a trick to making the playlist play each lesson, in order?

I have created a playlist with ten tracks and I want to listen to the entire thing playlist day. Each day I want to drop the oldest lesson off.......and add a new lesson to the playlist. But I just can't seem to get the lessons on my playlist to play in order, no matter how I set the two icons. (One icon looks like interweaving arrows. The other looks like two arrows circulating.)

February 13 at 16:59
  • antom ca Canada

    >interweaving arrows

    this is 'shuffle'

    >two arrows circulating

    this is 'repeat'

    In general if I press Play for the playlist - it plays all tracks in order (shuffle toggled off). If I hit on a row, it plays that track only. If I hit the arrow at the end of a row, it brings me to that lesson.

    February 15 at 10:06
    • KnowItSome us United States

      Thank you! I think you mean that if I could somehow hit the play without having highlighted any particular lesson, that all tracks from the entire playlist will play in order.

      However. one of the lessons is always highlighted. I am not sure how to un-highlight.......

      Sunday at 13:21