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A warning for those watching foreign movies on streaming services for NON-native speakers.

November 07 at 03:54

Not sure if it's only entirely new foreign language movies, but at least for English native speakers I have noticed that for some TV shows and movies the only choice is English subtitles SDH(deaf and hard of hearing). So even if it is based off the actual translation and not the dub you see that extra text assuming you're deaf which is incredibly obnoxious.

Disney Plus' new Japanese language show has this and I can't remember if "Snowdrop" has it or not. I know the Netflix version of "Violetta" DIDN'T have it but the Disney Plus version does.

Hulu's show "If It Pleases the Court", a K-Drama, has this problem as well.

When Netflix had the recent French version of "Beauty and the Beast" it had this problem. They told me that the provider only offered this. I have had this problem for a number of Netflix ones. You'll notice when it happens. I will say I think Disney is worse as they think of Foreign stuff as an afterthought. I picked one new Korean show on there and it defaulted to a dub which shocked me.

Anyway I mentioned this because of the comments Steve gave for foreign shows and subtitles. Knowing a little bit of Korean I noticed the subs were even off for "Stranger". It wasn't something minimal, it was a thoughtful part of the story. Just keep an eye out everyone.