500 - internal server error while importing

Deks se Sweden

Already two weeks trying to import own reading material to the site but some error occurs.

I do not have premium membership yet because would like to test how the import function for my material works first.

Is anybody else experiencing this issue as well? LingQ support does not respond whatsoever.

August 05 at 06:06
  • Administrator
    zoran rs Serbia

    Hi Deks,

    I checked and we did received email from you related to that problem on August 1st and I personally responded to it less than 3 hours after we received it. We do always respond to all emails, so please check your spam folder if you don't see it in regular email inbox.

    My question was, do you get error message as soon as you click on the Import Lesson button on the top right, or after you add lesson text and try to save it?

    August 05 at 21:28
    • Deks se Sweden

      Hello Zoran!

      That is completely true - i have found your response in my spam folder.

      Probably i tried to add personal lessons in a wrong way. I tried to push a button on top left that has this plus symbol. It is found just under the Library category.

      August 06 at 06:22
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        You mean on the top right? Do you get that error message right after you click on the "+" (import) button?

        August 07 at 01:07
        • Deks se Sweden

          I meant on top left which is wrong. Now i managed to import while clicking just where you said i need to click.

          I am able to import txt format material but struggle with pdfs. I get a message that material couldnt be uploaded. Is there a requirement on file size, resolution?

          August 13 at 06:25