40% off promotion: bug + are prices to change?

Pe cz Czech Republic

Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know about a bug I came across yesterday.

Yesterday I received an announcement in the app of the 40% off promotion from my yearly advanced payment. After confirming the offer I was not able to open any of my lessons any more. The app stopped working altogether. I had to reinstall the app today in order to resume my learning. So, there might be something wrong with the subscription settings or something.

Speaking of discounts, I was just wondering why with 40 % off, the price is almost the same that I pay at the moment. Are the prices to change from 2019?

Thanks for your reply.

December 16 at 13:06
  • PGK tw Taiwan

    From an Email I received Dec 9th From LingQ


    I just wanted to let you know that there are some pricing changes coming on LingQ, but, you will not be affected.

    Over the last 10 years, LingQ has grown into a language learning platform that boasts a community of over a million members. Many members have learned new a language (or two!) using our platform.

    As our platform grows, so do our features, and so do our costs to run the platform.

    For the last 10 years, we’ve managed to keep our premium membership price the same. Even though costs to run LingQ have increased.

    Having said that, we have now decided that we do need to increase our monthly price in order to continue to maintain the experience you love and invest in developing new features and improving existing ones. 

    On December 15th our monthly price will go from $10 to $12.99 a month.

    However, all current Premium subscribers will not be affected. As long as you are upgraded to one of our existing Premium plans, you will continue to pay the same price you always have.

    This change will only affect users who upgrade after December 15, 2018.

    Thanks for your continued support of LingQ and good luck with your languages! Be sure to check your inbox for new features coming soon to LingQ. 

    Happy LingQing! Mark Kaufmann CEO

    December 16 at 13:56
    • Pe cz Czech Republic

      Thanks, .

      December 16 at 18:42
    • wcmeyer ca Canada

      It is too bad I didn't ask about this earlier. I would have mentioned it to all the people who I have been talking to and sending a link to get an account. So that they could have gotten in with the lower price. Is there any way we could extend that till the new year and we all push hard and those that were sitting on the fence could get accounts at the lower price?

      December 16 at 22:05
      • Administrator
        zoran rs Serbia

        Sorry, new prices are on production already and there is nothing we can do now. Old prices are active only for existing Premium users.

        December 16 at 23:47
      • Administrator
        mark ca Canada

        Sorry @wcmeyer, we did email all users about this and sent out reminders to free members to lock in at the old price.

        December 18 at 00:02
        • wcmeyer ca Canada

          oh.. that is too bad. The email must have come from a bot then. Because only live people can email me. It must not have come from the regular email address that LingQ sends me my updates on.

          December 18 at 00:12
          • Administrator
            mark ca Canada

            That's strange. It came from the same email we always email from. It was sent in early December and Free users got additional reminders. I know we all get so much email things can get lost but we also didn't want to keep emailing about it which just adds to the clutter.

            December 18 at 00:24
            • wcmeyer ca Canada

              thanks anyhow. but i cant find the email, however, do you actualy have two accounts?

              December 18 at 04:18
    • dronn ua Ukraine
      This change will only affect users who upgrade after December 15, 2018.

      That's strange. I have been a Premium user since August and I just got the message from Google Play informing me that starting from Feb, 10 the price will be increased. Anyway I was planning to stop subscription. It was too expensive and now it's too much for the service provided.

      January 11 at 18:58
      • Administrator
        mark ca Canada

        @dronn - Very sorry about this. We were not able to maintain existing prices on Google Play due to restrictions placed on us by their payment system. Users paying on the web and iOS were grandfathered but not those paying on Google Play. If you want to switch your subscription to the web, we can give you the old price still. Just contact support and explain your situation.

        January 12 at 19:19
    • Elythia de Germany

      Hello, I am an old premium member. What would happen after the year, if I decide to use the discount? Would my monthly price remain 10$ in 2020?

      January 15 at 22:46
      • Administrator
        mark ca Canada

        I'm afraid not. After the year it won't be possible for you to switch back to your old monthly plan. You will have to pay the new price at that point. Sorry about that. Of course, if you are planning to continue for another year at that point, the annual plan is still a big savings.

        January 16 at 05:18
  • jazzyeric us United States

    Wow, this is really helpful. I could not understand why I receive an error when I try to get the discount. It give a cryptic error when I try rather than a clean explanation like I just read above. It would be really nice if that could be fixed. Also I have emailed support and assumed that I was being ignored. But per this thread I checked closer and noticed that the support responses are coming from the same email address as my daily linqQs. I have a special folder to capture daily lingQs and the support responses were very buried in there. I expected the responses to stand out more or somehow be tagged differently. Moving forward I will filter things differently so that I can hopefully isolate support responses from the other loads of email that I get from LingQ. I feel better knowing that support is really out there and not ignoring us.

    January 12 at 17:57