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30K known words was my dream number! (Was)

March 26 at 02:02

Shortly after I started using LingQ, I liked to regularly look at Steve's Known words in his different languages, to see what kind of milestones he has hit, and maybe give me an idea of some long term goals I should have. It looked to me that Steve likes to stop around 25K-30K known words with his languages. (Excluding Slavic languages and some others) So I came up with the idea that 30K known words on LingQ = fluency in reading. (My idea of fluency means understanding nearly everything without the help of dictionary) So this has always been my dream number! AHHH Yess 30K! The number I will strive for!

Skip many many years later, im nearing 30K in German and I feel no where near my definition of Fluency, so im a little sad not gonna lie. :( It seems that 50K is more of the number that represents fluency to me.

Which makes me curious why Steve and maybe many others stop at around 20K - 30K? I feel like it doesn't bring you to the level of fluency, but just short. Reaching 30K. and then dropping that language just to pick up a new language from scratch right before you make a big breakthrough is just crazy to me!

What do you guys think of 30K known words? Is it fluent enough for you guys? how does it compare to 40K and 50K in your minds?


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