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30 - James on Saturdays ...help !!!

March 22 at 12:57

Lesson 30 - James on Saturdays (LingQ Mini Stories - Canadian English)

Hello everyone!

For all of you who have completed this lesson; can you help me?

Before this lesson, unless I am mistaken, I saw the following tenses:

Simple Présent,

Present continous,

Simple past,

Past continuous

Present perfect

Future tense

....and now; it seems to me the Present perfect continuous....and it causes me a problem.

Can you confirm that these two sentences are in the Present perfect continuous :

I have been waking up early on Saturdays

Often I have been seeing that the weather is nice and sunny

If not -> Then what is the tense used in these two sentences?

In French I don't know and I don't understand how to translate these two sentences...

In the grammatical summary, it is indicated that the Present perfect continuous tense:

"The present perfect continuous tense expresses actions started in the past that continue in the present or have just now finished."

If the two sentences in my example are in the present perfect continuous tense then I don't see the connection with the explanation given....

On the other hand, I'm a little worried about the LingQ system...I'm willing to learn a language and minimize the grammar but I need to understand it. It's a pity that for this kind of lessons, they don't explain briefly for a couple of sentences why they use this or that tense...

S'il y a des français qui sont de passage et qui ont compris mon problème alors je suis aussi preneur d'une explication en Français. :-)