play the field

lilyyang tw Taiwan

Man: So, uh, another one night stand then, huh?

Woman: Is that okay?

Man: Not really my thing.

Woman: Come on. You must play the field.

Man: No, I don't.

Woman: But you are such a flirt.

Man: I flirt, yes. But I only sleep with someone if I'm into them. And I prefer to stick around.

I looked up the phrase "play the field" in a dictionary, it means to have sexual relationships with a lot of different people. I just wonder if it comes from, like the baseball term?

Thank you!!!


April 14 at 05:37
  • [Triggered] aw Aruba

    it's a horse-racing term from Britain which means to bet on all the horses in a race except the favourite- or avoiding all horses with short odds. A very dubious strategy!

    April 14 at 15:51
  • brucenator us United States

    which in turn is used as a sort of double entendre in the title of a BBC series about the lives, loves and infidelities of a women's football team: Playing the Field

    April 14 at 16:55