Machine translation of the day

Diotallevi de Germany

Having some fun with the automatic translations you get offered while creating lingQs :-)

My entry today:

While adding a lingQ for this Greek phrase:

"έλα να φιληθούμε κάτω απ' το γκυ",

google translate offers me the German translation:

"Komm, küss uns unter dem Nebel."

(Come, kiss us under the fog).

Nebel = mist, fog.

γκυ = mistletoe.

So the true meaning is "Come, let's kiss under the mistletoe."

^-^ ^-^

What is the machine translation that made you laugh out loud today?

December 01 at 17:05
  • Diotallevi de Germany


    December 02 at 23:04
    • CharlieBittoMoi gb United Kingdom

      I haven't come across one recently but sometimes you do get some pretty nonsensical ones.

      December 03 at 19:24