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I'm already up to K Is for Killer.

March 04 at 06:49

A: What do you think of Sue Grafton’s books?

B: I love those mysteries! When I started to read A Is for Alibi, I couldn’t put it down. I stayed up till 4:00 in the morning to finish it!

A: Wow! Have you read any of the other books in the series?

B: Oh, yeah. B Is for Burglar, C Is for Corpse… I’m already up to K Is for Killer. Using the alphabet to build a mystery series is such a clever idea. I can’t wait to read all 26 books! I wonder what Z will be!

Question: I'd like to know what "up to" means in the sentence. If I don't use the phrase, what other words or phrases that I can use?

Thank you!!!