I have white even teeth?

lilyyang tw Taiwan

Do you use "even" to describe teeth? Is it weird?

Thank you!!!

April 11 at 21:53
  • brucenator us United States

    No, it's not weird. Here, 'even' is an adjective meaning 'straight.' It just means that their teeth aren't crooked.

    As far as punctuation goes, I would use a comma. "I have white, even teeth." It would be weird to say I have "white even" teeth, as if "white even" were one word.

    April 12 at 05:06
  • CPK es Spain

    To sound a little closer to native, pay attention to adjective order (search English adjective order). An adjective of quality (even) nearly always comes before an adjective of colour (white).

    I have even, white teeth.

    April 13 at 07:18