How does LingQ track time watching videos?

Dowd1sm co Colombia

I've imported a lot of YT videos that I watch in LingQ.

Does this get tracked as listening time? Or how is this tracked in my statistics?

December 02 at 22:51
  • MarkE us United States

    Yes every time you finish listening to a lesson at LingQ it adds that time to your statistic.

    December 03 at 02:22
    • yosoyyo it Italy

      I don’t think you answered the question. It’s not about listening to lessons, but about watching imported YouTube videos and whether LingQ tracks it as listening time.

      As far as I can tell, it does not add my watching videos to my listening statistic (which is sad, now that YouTube videos are not imported with a sound file).

      Or am I mistake?

      December 21 at 06:36
      • Villiers gb United Kingdom

        I do not think that watching videos you have imported from YouTube automatically adds the time spent watching to your statistics....but you can of course add that time manually to your statistics.

        December 21 at 19:57