Blood just does something to me.

lilyyang tw Taiwan

It's a lot of blood. What went on in here? I can handle pee. I can handle poo. But blood...

Blood just does something to me. Here, hon. Help me mop it up. The sooner we get outta here the better.

May I know what "Blood just does something to me" means here? Which means I'm afraid of blood?

Thank you!!!


May 2019
  • WinterShaker gb United Kingdom

    Pretty much. Although it also carries the suggestion that I know it is irrational to be particularly afraid of blood, as opposed poo (which is surely comparably dangerous in terms of infection risk), but nonetheless I am afraid of blood but not poo.

    May 2019
  • PGK tw Taiwan

    Seeing blood probably makes her feel sick, in a way poo or pee doesn't.

    May 2019
    • JulieS au Australia

      Yes.. You can be grossed out about something without necessarily being afraid of it.

      May 2019
      • [Triggered] aw Aruba

        Yep! and you can even faint, without considering the dangers of infection. Gut reaction!

        May 2019
  • brucenator us United States

    The phrase "it does something to me" just means that it affects me in some unspecified way, which implies that it causes some sort of visceral reaction. Usually you can infer the meaning from the context, but there's only an implied meaning — no specified meaning. You should be able to pick up the meaning from the scene and from the reaction on the faces of the characters. more than from anything that is actually being said. This is something that can't adequately be explained because not everyone responds in the same way. It is open to interpretation.

    May 2019